Financial and asset management

  • Monitoring of all payment obligations
  • Creation and compliance with the budget
  • Regular review of costs
  • Preparation of the annual accounts
  • Verification of household services
  • Commercial invoice auditing
  • Dunning and support in all legal cases after submission to the lawyer

Support services

  • Prepare and implement homeowner decisions and agreements
  • Participate in Advisory Board meetings and review receipts/documents
  • Monitor compliance with building and usage rights
  • Monitor and supervise all service providers in properties
  • Regular property inspections
  • Communication with owners, companies, authorities and suppliers

Contract management

  • Prepare, check and conclude necessary utilities, insurance, consulting, services and lease contracts as well as cancellations, amendments and terminations
  • Conclude contracts for maintenance and repair of jointly owned property

Owners' meetings

  • Prepare, convene, manage and carry out ordinary and extraordinary owners' meetings
  • Create minutes of the meeting, resolutions management

Technical support

  • Monitor structural conditions
  • Monitor care and maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Call for tenders, negotiate, contract for, supervise and inspect construction work (provided these works are supervised by the technical department)
  • Warranty management for maintenance and repair construction measures
  • Warranty management for new construction